August 2018  
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Our Values


We Value people because we are all God's creation, we are made in His image and He sent His Son to die for us all.

We Value receiving and loving all people, for God is love and by loving we show that we follow Jesus.

We Value the New Birth and being led by the Holy Spirit, for it is by these that we are God’s children and reign in this life through Christ.

We Value the Holy Spirit’s operation of Spiritual Gifts in our midst, for it is by these that God’s children are encouraged, healed and empowered for service.

We Value the Holy Spirit’s gifts and callings for service, for it is by these that we function in excellence as an organization.

We Value the Character (“fruit”) produced by the Holy Spirit in the lives of God’s children, for it is by these that we have love, unity and peace amongst ourselves.

We Value declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ (“the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ”) and the Good News of the Kingdom of God, for it is by these that humanity comes into restored relationship with God and lives victoriously as citizens of God’s kingdom.

We Value Faith, Confession and Faithfulness, for it is by these keys of the Kingdom that we move mountains, possess our blessings in this life and are positioned to inherit all things God has for us.